Grow ONEgeneration - Plant/Pick/Preserve with Project ReRoot

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Grow ONEgeneration - Plant/Pick/Preserve with Project ReRoot

The Idea


We will be planting fruit trees at ONEgeneration's Care Facility as a part of a three part program encouraging sustainability in our community: PLANT, PICK,PRESERVE. Mulching and composting on the property will not only help the trees, but will aid in preventing drainage into the LA river.

Your Team

In addition to being involved in the planting, ONEgeneration supporters & Lake Balboa residents are urged to plant their own fruit trees & donate a portion of the harvest w/ help from Food Forward.

The Community


In honor of our first fruit harvest neighbors, volunteers, and other residents will be invited to share in a seasonal picnic, a celebration of community that will foster further involvement.

The Need


ONEgeneration serves free meals to at-risk seniors all over the Valley at their five dining halls and thru a homebound meal program. Fruit harvested will supplement these meals with fresh produce.



Local residents of Lake Balboa and adjacent neighborhoods are looking forward to getting "RERooted".



Grow ONEgeneration is ready to to start PLANT PICK PRESERVE with Project ReRoot this fall.

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Wow! This idea is growing rapidly. Over here in Mass. We have also heard of the Project ReRoot. I really enjoy how there is a farmers market idea. Thus helps the local growers introduce themselves to the local residents and allow them to keep the money cloar and local as well, helping the community grow together. Also having a Lake and Fruit trees make it a beautiful place to sit and enjoy a nice picnic lunch.

by Dudemiesterj69
over 3 years ago | Reply

Great idea,love the thought process for not only providing a great food source for the community,but will also encourage and empower and create involvement that will bring pride to the neighborhood and that is contagious. You definitely have my vote on this project.

Linda Mathews

by lmathews
over 3 years ago | Reply

Good work and the best in this work to show the earth our appreciation for being on it. I am way out in the State of Maine but word of what you are doing has reached us out here. We join you as brothers and sisters in this vital program of keeping our natural surrounding -natural. I hope that Project ReRoot wins.Your success is our inspiration-----Best-----John and Dorothy Oser of Maine

by John Oser
over 3 years ago | Reply

The ONEgeneration campus is also home to the Encino/Lake Balboa Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings. Grow ONEgeneration with Project ReRoot will further connect community stakeholders with aspects of urban agriculture that is not only beneficial for the environment, but addresses local issues of food security.

by reroot
over 3 years ago | Reply

$4,500 of support & supplies + $500 cash from TreeP...
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