Boy Scout Eagle Project to beautify Reseda

idea by mangelotti6
Boy Scout Eagle Project to beautify Reseda

The Idea

I will be removing debit and weeds from a blighted area in Reseda, CA. I intend to plant trees for shade, distribute mulch for soil improvement, plant drought-tolerant resistant shrubs for soil conservation, secure benches for community enjoyment and make this area a place of pride and enjoyment.

Your Team

As a Boy Scout Eagle Project, I will be supervising other Troop 10 scouts, volunteers from the neighborhood and Councilman Zine's office, TreePeople Volunteers and overseeing the entire project.

The Community

The community has already adopted my project and have agreed to assist the day of planting as well as maintain and water the plants after completion.

The Need

My project addresses the need for greener spaces within LA for which the community can enjoy and take pride in. The City of LA & Reseda Police Dept plan to dedicate this space to fallen Firefighters.


Yes, I have permission to beautify a 2 block area on Crebs Street south of Sherman Way in Reseda.


This project is planned for Sept. 15th & 16th, 2012. Fall is the best time to plant trees.

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Anything that can be done to eliminate pockets of uban blight is certainly worhwhile. I am glad that the city of Reseda is embracing this beautification project. Michael, it is a credit to your character to take on such a task. Good Luck!

by Edwardz
almost 2 years ago | Reply

Good project Michael, I hope you get all the votes you need to win. This is a wonderful, worth while endeavor you're taking on, GOOD LUCK.

by Aunt Rondi
almost 2 years ago | Reply

Great project Michael...It's a winner!!!! The community will appreciate and enjoy your work for many years to come.

by Kev H
almost 2 years ago | Reply

Wonderful plan Michael, I hope my vote helps... and Good Luck!!!!

by ayyaz21
almost 2 years ago | Reply

Great idea Michael, and it sounds like you have a lot of support. Here's my vote, keep up the hard work.

by Nanette B
almost 2 years ago | Reply

Great idea. I think the community will respond well to this project.

by llorentzian
almost 2 years ago | Reply

Good job, Michael. I hope you win. I love the idea of "greener" spaces!

by lbabrowicz
almost 2 years ago | Reply

Is there any rationale behind which plants are going to be used (for example, natives to provide food for local wildlife, or trees that are water-wise for the SFV temperature extremes)?

by pollycracker
almost 2 years ago | Reply

Yes, we're using drought tolerant flowing shrubs to beautify the area while being water-wise. The area is in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, so we're replanting trees which the city wants to move from the county owned to the city owned side. All of the trees and plants will sustain the high temperatures of the valley. Donations have also been secured from some local nurseries to ensure their tolerance.

by Penny Angelotti
almost 2 years ago | Reply

This is a great idea!! The more green usable space we have in Reseda, the better! Great Eagle Scout project. Hope you get lots of votes!

by Penny Angelotti
almost 2 years ago | Reply

$4,500 of support & supplies + $500 cash from TreeP...
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