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The TreePeople 2012 Green City Challenge

The TreePeople 2012 Green City Challenge

Know an LA street, school, or park that’s in need of greening? Have an idea for community participation? TreePeople can help turn it into reality!

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The Specifics

Be a part of creating a greener, healthier, and more sustainable Los Angeles working with TreePeople, the organization that unites the power of people, trees and nature-based solutions.

TreePeople helps people come together as a community to share and care for a beautiful place we create together. That’s the LA where we want to live. But what we have now in our city is hot concrete and asphalt-sealed surfaces. We import millions of gallons of water from distant sources…and then waste it by overwatering thirsty plants and lawns.

Do you know a place in Los Angeles County that really needs some community greening? You could replace a grass lawn with a native garden, or plant a public fruit orchard, or harvest rainwater.

Tell us your plans to use TreePeople’s resources such as trees, native and water-conserving plants, mulch, and rainwater capture, and implement them where they’re sorely needed. Tell us how you can you get others to support a community greening project, and TreePeople will help you turn a shared dream into a reality!

Submit a proposal May 7 to June 25. From June 25 to July 14 we’ll open it up to public voting. Rally your colleagues and friends to get behind your effort and join the GOOD and TreePeople communities in selecting the winner.

Winners will receive $4,500 worth of supplies, expertise, and volunteer support from TreePeople as well as $500 in cash towards the project.

Join GOOD Maker on Twitter @GOODmkr and Facebook.

Submission tips:

  • Include a photo or video that represents your idea. Photos should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, at least 570 × 345 pixels and no larger than 10MB. To include a video, use a YouTube URL.
  • Explain how the up to $5,000 value award will enable you to implement your idea.
  • If you have any questions, please review these FAQs or send us an email at

Rules & Regulations

  • This Challenge is open for submissions from May 7 to June 25.
  • Submissions will be featured on this page and public voting will be open from June 25 to July 14.
  • Submissions must describe a project that would be implemented in Los Angeles County.
  • In order to vote, log in with your GOOD account. If you don’t have a GOOD account, it’s free to join. All you need is an email address or a Facebook account to register. You will be emailed a link that you need to click in order to validate your address.
  • The top-voted submission will win $500 and up to $4,500 worth of materials and support from TreePeople.
  • Read all the rules.

Photo credit: Zoe Taylor

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I nominate LA Green Grounds. They are an all-volunteer group that so far have funded their own work with no outside contributions as far as I know. They do beautiful work and are more than deserving of support. Learn more at:

by matthew.horns
over 3 years ago | Reply

Thank you treepeople for spearheading this amazing process. I am so thrilled the Franklin Garden video is up. It was hard to think of anything else until the video go posted!

by arleenferrara
over 3 years ago | Reply

what should i do ?

by yam.li2107
over 3 years ago | Reply

Hi Yam, thank you for your interest in the TreePeople challenge! Please click the pink 'Submit an Idea' button to fill out an application. Email us at with any questions!

by moderators
over 3 years ago | Reply

i cant click on submit an Idea .

by yam.li2107
over 3 years ago | Reply

Hi Yam, submissions closed on 6/25, but you can check out the submitted ideas and vote for your favorite, or check out the other challenges we are running at Thanks!

by moderators
over 3 years ago

$4,500 of support & supplies + $500 cash from TreeP...
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Greening the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles
Greening the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles

Winner Announced
Monday, July 16

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